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Multi-cavities PET Preform Mould | 4-144 cavities PET Preform Mould

Geeno Mould Offering you with Multi-cavities PET Preform Moulds .

Focus on the R&D and manufacturing of PET / PP Preform Moulds from 2 cavities to 144 cavities .

High precision , High quality , Short cycle time

Baby milk bottle , Mineral water bottle, Oil pot, Gallon water bottle, Beverage bottle, Cosmetics bottle ....


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Part Name PET Preform Mould
Mould Cavity 2-144 Cavities
Mould Core & Cav Steel S136 ,2344
Delivery Time 45-55 days
Mould Runner System Hot runner Valve gate
Suitable Machine 130T-850T


Geeno Mould is a factory of Plastic Injection Moulds manufacturer in CHINA ,

Offering customer with various kinds of plastic Moulds Design and making ,

PET Preform Moulds , Baby bottle moulds , pp preform mould , PET Preform molds ....

Mould cavity cover from 2 Cavities to 144 Cavities all over the world .




GEENO Preform Mold Advantages:


1, Professional design team,

* The overall structure of the mold is compact and precise, and the material of the overall mold frame is P20 Mould steel 

* Mold processing using Japan imported Yamazaki Mazak high-precision equipment, to ensure the overall concentric

mold frame degree;

* The slider opening and closing  mold adopts HUSKY mechanical inner closing die, P20 mold steel,

reliable structure, the whole mold opening and closing mold  (slider, push plate, top step coordination),

the contact surface of all sliding parts adopts advanced ion nitriding treatment,

the local surface hardness can reach HRC48-52, small friction coefficient, wear resistance.


2, Mould steel processing,


professional production equipment + professional processing technical personnel.


Think what customers want to create greater value for customers, our cooperation model with customers


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