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GEENO Mould offering various kinds of plastic crate moulds for you .

Annual export at least 120 stes crate moulds all over the world .

We not only provide customers with a high efficiency, high quality mold.

More focused on providing customers with the most professional technical support and advice,

so that customers spend the least money to receive the most valuable mold or equipment.


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Crate Dimension 580X395X310mm
Crate Weight 1650-1680g
Mould Core & Cav Steel P20/718H
Delivery Time 45-55 days
Mould Runner System Direct gate
Mould Cycle Time 40s


Are you looking for an efficient and reliable storage and transportation solution?

Geeno's plastic turnover box is your perfect choice!

Whether in warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, or retail, plastic turnover boxes are a multifunctional tool that can provide excellent protection and organizational functions.


     Geeno crate mould

Our selling points:

1. Durability:

The plastic turnover box is made of high-quality polymer materials, which have excellent durability and strong toughness.

Highlight its advantage of being able to withstand heavy pressure and harsh environments, and protect goods from damage.

2. Multifunctionality:

Suitable for warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and retail industries, it can be used to store, transport,

and organize various goods, with wide applicability in different industries and scenarios.

3. Space saving:

The stackable and foldable design of plastic turnover boxes minimizes space occupation during storage and transportation,

saving warehouse space and reducing transportation costs.

4. Convenient operation:

The plastic turnover box is equipped with a convenient handle and locking device, ensuring the convenience and safety of operation,

as well as convenience in handling, loading and unloading, and logistics processes.

5. Environmental advantages:

Compared with traditional cardboard or wooden boxes, plastic turnover boxes have the advantages of reusability and longer lifespan,

reducing waste generation and reducing environmental burden.

Meanwhile, plastic turnover boxes can be recycled and reused to further reduce resource consumption.

Our services:

1. Good after-sales service, committed to solving customer after-sales needs.

2. Quality assurance and compliance with industry standards for plastic turnover boxes.

3. Satisfy other customer needs and provide a high-quality service experience.



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