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GEENO Mould Co., Ltd , offering you various kinds of Plastic Paint Bucket Molds .

Bucket model cover from 1L to 35L , mould cavity be customized according the production output .

Required from 1 to 4 cavities ....

* High speed within 20s for 20L Paint Bucket Mold

* Optimized cooling line design with hot runner system

*  Mould core & cavity steel : 718H | P20 | 1.2738


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Mould Name 20L Round Paint Bucket Mold
Mould Dimension 600*620*690mm
Mould Steel (core & cav) P20|718H
Mould Cavity 1
Cycle Time 19.5S
Plastic Resin > PE <


Welcome to GEENO Mould & Plastic Group ,which has more than 15 years experience for R&D,

making mould and offering Turnkey Solution for customers all over the world. 

A turnkey injection moulding solution supplier in the hometown of Mold manufacturig in China - Taizhou Huangyan district .

professional at mold design and research, mold manufacturing, and injection molding machine matching selection.


With Years of experienced in different PLASTIC PAINT BUCKET MOLD making , GEENO team pay more attention to check the crate weight and strength before design .

Optimize waterway design according to the actual situation of customer's plant to recommend suitable runner design and mould size.
Optimize mold dimension as much as possible to save cost for customers. But at the same time to ensure the life and quality of the mold,

to achieve 1+1>2 of the optimal scheme for customer.

 GEENO Paint Bucket Mold

Our Advantages :

* Geeno own rich project accumulation and precipitation and the strong professional customer team project communication, 

   So that our team has more comprehensive experience accumulation.

* We not only provide customers with a high efficiency, high quality mold.

* More focused on providing customers with the most professional technical support and advice,

  So that customers spend the least money to receive the most valuable mold or equipment.

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