How To Choose Thin-wall Container Mould’s Steel ?

2023-09-11 | NEWS

How To Choose Thin-wall Container Moulds Steel ? 

The popularity of takeaway packaging has made the demand for disposable packaged lunch boxes great, and the market of packaging box mould has also caught up with the tide of development. The disposable lunch box has a low profit, so it needs to rely on the quantity to fight the market, which requires it to be high-speed and efficient in order to produce, and the lunch box mold needs to be produced with a high-speed machine, in the high-speed machine high-pressure, high-speed injection environment, the mold needs to withstand high pressure, so the manufacturing mold needs to use high hardness steel. Below, please follow the years of research and development and manufacturing experience of GEENO MOULD to briefly talk about how to choose the mold steel of the thin-wall lunch box?

The steel materials available for disposable lunch box molds are DIN1.2316, DIN1.2344, DIN1.2738, S136, H13 and other hard steels. The reason for choosing these hard steels is that they can prevent mold deformation under high pressure injection and prevent product defects such as flash edge. Among them, S136 stainless steel is the preferred recommendation for customers.




Type of steel material

Steel material characteristics


High hardness,High temperature resistance


High temperature resistance, high toughness, and high plasticity


Excellent polishing performance,Good machinability


Good polishing performance,Better transparency


Good wear resistance,High hardenability



There are several reasons for recommending S136 stainless steel: On the one hand, stainless steel, food safety is more guaranteed. Secondly, the stainless steel mold is not easy to rust, and customer maintenance is convenient. Because the ultrathin box generally has a thin profit, if it rusts, it means that it needs to be re-polished, which will increase the gram weight of the product and eat the profit. Moreover, the polishing performance of S136 is better, and the transparency of transparent products is better. Finally, S136 is a hardened steel material, not easy to deformation, generally ultra-thin box customers are high-speed and high-pressure production, if the steel hardness is not enough, the mold is easy to deformation and eccentricity.

The small knowledge about the selection of steel material for thin-wall lunch box mould is introduced here. If you need high-quality disposable packaging box mold, welcome to consult GEENO MOULD , we will be generous to introduce and recommend the most suitable program for you, tailor the best program for you, so that you get the maximum value of the mold and equipment.


Want to learn more about thin-walled lunch box molds? GEENO will tell you seriously and responsibly!

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