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PET Preform Mould Manufacturer - GEENO MOULD, which has more than 20 years of experience in various kinds of PET Preform Moulds R&D and making. 

GEENO MOULD is a professional PET Preform Mold Manufacturer in China, we provide one-stop service
from bottle preform mold design to preform mold production to provide after-sales service.

We support to design of mold and products according to your samples and provide technical support for your factory.
We not only provide PET Preform Mold, but also provide PET injection molding machines and other models of preform injection systems,
from PET Preform injection to blowing bottle one-stop production line service!

PET Preform Mold Supply Capacity:
GEENO packaging mold has a professional preform research and development team,
providing 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, 96 cavity and other multi-cavity PET mold solutions. 

We have extensive manufacturing and processing experience in large-caliber Preform Mold, common standard 28mm
bottle embryo mold, and PCO gas bottle embryo mold.
It is suitable for plastic packaging industries, such as :
water bottles, oil bottles, gas drinks, multi-functional beverages, carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, alcoholic food, and other packaging molds!

PET Mold Hot Runner Technology:
Adopt European hot runner technology, hot runner heating elements using German GC or Hotset,
GC and Hotset in Germany are known as the "durable and stable hot runner electric heating system".
GEENO-manufactured PET Preform mold adopts an advanced pneumatic needle valve type hot runner structure, bottle embryo production does not need a manual shearing gate.
Greatly reduce the production personnel allocation, and reduce the bottle embryo pollution.
The core, cavity, and sliders of the mold are made of stainless steel S136H from Sweden. 
Mold base frame: A plate and B plate are imported stainless steel P20 molds.
The heat treatment reaches HRC48-50 C, making the mold durable and rust-proof.

Unique advantages of PET Preform mold:
1. Precision processing equipment manufacturing, to ensure the precision of mold size, service life, and quality.
2. The use of a shear-free pneumatic needle valve hot runner, reduces bottle embryo pollution and labor costs, and saves the cost of the enterprise.
3. Reasonable cooling water design, improve the injection molding production cycle.
4. Perfect pre-sale, sale, and after-sale service to solve customers' worries.
5. Material selection, selection of imported steel S136, and heat treatment, so that the mold corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance.
6. Quality detection: ensure the eccentricity value is less than or equal to 0.1mm, weight tolerance of 0.3g.
    Reduce the blowing bottle burst and reject rate.
7. The mold temperature control is controlled by touch temperature control or card temperature control,
    which makes the temperature control more accurate; temperature control accessories can be purchased at home and abroad, easy to replace.

A professional PET Preform Bottle Mould Manufacturer in china - GEENO MOULD

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