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2023-02-13 | NEWS

Describe the structure of the plastic injection mould - GEENO MOULD 

Plastic injection mold  is widely used in our daily life, we are seeing plastic products, such as:

daily necessities, automotive parts, packaging bottles, PVC pipe etc... 

All are produced by injection mold and injection machine.

How about we discuss the structure of injection mold? 



GEENO Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, the famous hometown of mould in China.

As an experienced plastic mould manufacturer, we are here to share with you what parts are the structure of plastic mould composed of?

  • The mold setting part is also called the cavity of the mould.

         The fixed part of the fixed plastic mold is fixed on the table surface of the hydraulic press or the fixed template of the injection machine

  •  The moving mold part, also known as the mold core. It is fixed on the movable table surface of the

          hydraulic press or the movable template of the injection machine, and the mold is closed and opened through the

          movement of the machine tool to press and take out the plastic parts.

  • Forming part. It is a part of the geometric shape of plastic parts, forming the shape of plastic parts called cavity, hole or groove called core.
  • Gating system. It ensures that the molten plastic can fill the cavity smoothly and smoothly to make the required plastic parts.
  • Side core-pulling mechanism. When there is a hole in the side wall of the plastic part, it is necessary to use this mechanism to extract the core.
  • Heating and cooling devices. It keeps the mold at a certain temperature to ensure the smooth forming of plastic parts.
  • Exhaust and overflow device. Generally, shallow slots are opened on the parting surface

         to exclude the gas in the cavity and overflow excess plastic to ensure the quality of plastic parts.

  • Discharge device. It is composed of pushing plate, pushing rod, fixed plate, etc. The unloading device of fixed plastic mold

         is placed on the moving mold part, so as to remove the plastic parts after opening the mold.




 A good plastic injection mold not only needs the above basic mold structure, but also needs professional design,

project and inspection team. Time to verify the design feasibility of the mold, mold processing accuracy is accurate?

Is the mold easy to operate and most efficient?


If you are also looking for high quality, professional plastic mold suppliers, welcome to contact GEENO mold,

we will provide you with the perfect one-stop solution.


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