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2023-02-11 | NEWS

How to get a pair of high-quality, good turnover box mold? 

1- First of all you need to find an experienced Crate box mold supplier.

* Experienced suppliers - GEENO MOULD Company will use mold flow analysis for calculation and analysis in the design of crate box mold,

which can improve the probability of success of mold design and manufacturing and ensure the quality of Crate basket mold.

The use of hot runner technology, can make mold structure optimization, can also shorten the molding cycle,

in the design and processing using more advanced mechanical ejection way,

ejection of the material stripper plate, can effectively improve the reliability of the mold plastic parts action.

* At the same time in order to ensure the accuracy of the mold operation, to use precision mold processing equipment.

A complete production system can shorten the mold manufacturing cycle.



Name Description Plastic Thin-Wall  Mould
Mould Steel For Core & Cav P20|718H
Mould Base Steel GEENO Standard | LKM | HASCO | DME or your requirement
Product Material Resin >HDPE,PP<
Runner System point gate hot runner | cold runner
Mould Design Cycle 5-7  days
Machine Model Suggestion 450T  - 850T model
Mould Delivery Time

55 days 

Mould After-Sales Service

free maintenance within one year


2- Then, the appropriate steel material should be selected for the mold base and the core&cavity part of the mold.

For example plastic crate mold material according to the specific situation and customer requirements to choose.

Here it is suggested that:

if our mold utilization rate is relatively high, the general mold frame uses 45# steel, the mold core, cavity and slider use nit-riding 718H steel,

such mold can be made at least 1 million mold times; If the mold is not used too often, the material of the mold base is 45# steel,

and the core, cavity and slider on the model are P20 steel treated with nit-riding.

In this way, the plastic turnover box mold produced can be used at least about 500,000 mold times.

If the mold is required to be used only within 200,000 times, we can completely use ordinary steel heating treatment

to meet the needs of the production and processing of plastic crate box.


3-Good after-sales service team is also important.

Before the mold is shipped, GEENO Mold Company will carry out small batch production to ensure that

the mold production cycle and action are at least 2 hours, so that the mold can be smoothly produced to the customer.

If there is a production problem, we can solve the customer's needs online in the first time. If required,

the GEENO team can also arrange engineers to provide online or on-site services.


So, do you want to get high-quality and fast cycle box molds?

Contact us immediately, we will give you satisfactory mold and service.

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