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2022-11-16 | NEWS

GEENO MOULD Co.,Ltd , which has more than 15 years of experience in R&D, making PET preform Mould.

Plastic bottles made of PET preform involve all aspects of our lives, such as mineral water bottles, tea beverage bottles, soda carbonated beverage bottles, edible oil bottles, cosmetics bottles, detergent bottles and candy cans, and so on. As a widely used plastic packaging products in the market, Geeno Mouldhow to do it well?


1. Our mold core and cavity are made of S136 steel material after heat treatment to ensure hardness and life, up to 5 millions times.


2, the use of German heating element of the hot runner system, so that the molten state of plastic flow speed up, save materials, effectively ensure the quality of plastic products stability.


3, like mineral water bottles, soda carbonated beverage bottles, tea beverage bottles and so on, these are determined by the number of mold cavity number determines the benefit, we do the highest 128 cavity.


4. It is very important to save cost for users. The mold should be designed with interchangeable parts, such as screw, gram weight, cavity, core, etc., so that a mold with different inserts can achieve a variety of bottle gram weight and shape.


5, Mold locking structure we use double cone positioning design, can avoid forming after the flying edge, size, eccentricity and other bad defects.


6. Use advanced processing equipment at home and abroad for high-precision processing of bottle embryo mold. In addition, use bridge CMM and articular arm measuring instrument to control the precision of mold size.


7. After the PET bottle embryo mold is manufactured, we will carry out a series of operational testing and testing according to the company's quality standards. All the tests can only be shipped after meeting the requirements.


8, we will provide spare parts, such as core, cavity plug-in, other replaceable mold accessories, so that the damaged parts can be quickly replaced.

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