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2022-04-25 | NEWS

Plastic Chair Mold With Injection Moulding Machine - Made In China .

As a high-quality Plastic Chair Mold with Injection Machine , it not only needs to have good precessing equipments and

professional design skill ,but also a very experienced manufacturing workers team .

GEENO GROUP , We support to R&D and making various kinds of different types Plastic Chair Molds all over the world .

Such as : Armchairs mold, Back Chairs mold , Legless chairs mold , Art chairs mold , Beach chairs mold , Air-assisted chairs mold ,

public chairs mold , Daily use chairs mold, Bus chairs mold ....


Chair-Mold-Geeno mould

As the manufacturer of plastic injection Chair Mould in china with years of the R&D and making experienced in china .

Geeno Team pay more attention to the mould design and structure for customers , also for chair mold , the chair weight is also very important.

In order to strictly control the production cost of customers' chairs, before the production , GEENO Team will analysis the chair structure ,

weight , size and ribs , inserts , water-lines . To try the best let the chair weight within the required standard but at the same time

keep the chair strong . This is also a great technical difficulty and knowledge .

      • In general, Mold steel for Chair Mold will be suggested to choose :  P20H , 718H , 50C ..
      • Runner gate :  Cold Runner - Direct Cone | Hot Runner
      • Chair Weight : 1.2KG-3.8KG
      • Injection Molding Machine Range :  450T - 1150T servo energy saving Injection Machine

A good Chair Mold should be :

      •  High quality for the mold life
      •  Easy operation
      •  Good design for mold water-line and structure
      •  Low cost
      •  Short cycle time

     Are you interested in Chair Mold and work with the supplier that offer you with the most suitbale One-Stop Solution of Plastic Chair Mold and Machine ?

     Welcome to contact us for more information .


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