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          GEENO MOULD Co.,Ltd , which has more than 15 years experience for R&D, making Plastic Bucket mould

and offering Turnkey Solution for customers all over the world.

A turnkey injection moulding solution supplier in the hometown of Mold manufacturing in China - Taizhou Huangyan district .
Professional at various kinds of Crate mold design and research, mold manufacturing, and injection molding machine matching selection.

We focus on providing you with suitable mould solutions.

Name Description Plastic Bucket Mould
Mould Steel For Core & Cav  P20 | H13 |718 | 1.2344 |1.2738 and so on
Mould Base Steel GEENO Standard | LKM | HASCO | DME or your requirement
Product Material Resin >PP , PE <
Runner System Hot Runner | Cold Runner
Gate Type Direct gate, Point gate , valve gateetc
Machine Model Suggestion 180T model - 650T
Mould Delivery Time 35-60 working days


As the most frequently used Plastic bucket mold , most of them need to use plastic material like PP or HDPE .

And high transparent PP plastic , and food grade PP material for food container mould .

Such as : Ice Cream Bucket mold, Ice Cream Container mold and so on .


  • Production capacity will be the key point during the production , for example :

For 20L bucket mold , standard cycle time will be 23s , if we save 2s per shot production ,

then you will save 15 pcs buckets per hour .

  • Bucket weight is also important for customers during the production .

        Geeno team have rich experienced in bucket R&D , we will make the professional analysis for you in advance ,

        make the mould design accordingly , we will pay special attention to the layout design of waterway and the design of gate.

  • Bucket Mould with reasonable dimension , optimize mold structure so that it can be placed on the most suitable machine. For 20L bucket mould , 450T -550T servo machine or High speed machine are suitable .

Geeno Mould team is committed to let customers spend the least money to get the best scheme.

        Welcome to contact us for more information about Plastic Bucket Mould , Pail paint bucket mold ,thin-wall bucket mold ...


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