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2022-08-05 | NEWS

GEENO MOULD Co.,Ltd , which has more than 15 years of experience in R&D, making PLASTIC  Chair, tables,stool molds.

and offering Turnkey Solutions for customers all over the world,

including plastic injection molding machine, and injection mold with necessary auxiliary.


GEENO Mould, A turnkey injection molding solution supplier in the hometown of Mold manufacturing in China - Taizhou Huangyan district.
Professional in various kinds of Crate mold design and research, mold manufacturing, and injection molding machine matching selection.

        Such as Plastic chair molds, plastic table molds, and plastic stool molds. Baby stool, chair, table and toys, and so on...


Especially for Baby stools , chairs and tables production lines . 

Name Description Plastic Baby Stool Mould
Mould Steel For Core & Cav P20 | H13 |718 | 1.2344 |1.2738 and so on
Mould Base Steel GEENO Standard | LKM | HASCO | DME or your requirement
Product Material Resin >PP , PE <
Runner System Hot Runner | Cold Runner
Gate Type Direct gate, Point gate etc
Machine Model Suggestion 180T model - 850T
Mould Delivery Time

35-65 working days 

For example, GEENO- 380T Baby Stool Production Line, we provide customers with : 
1. 380T servo plastic injection molding machine ;
2. Baby stool plastic mold; 
3. 3-axis Pick up robot with 3m conveyor belt ;
4. Water chiller, hopper dryer, Crusher-80kg , Autoloader , Mixer ...

  • Before mold tooling , the Geeno team will organize two meetings: Product analysis before the mold open,
    mold flow analysis, and machine matching discussion.  Ensure that the mold and machine match up to 100%. 
  • After getting the customer's approval for our drawing and analysis, we will start the mold tooling. 
  • During the mold tooling process, our QC department will make a strict inspection of the mold tooling precision, and mold part's size checking.
  • Before the shipping, we will make the mold and machine run matching for over 2 hours at least! 

Welcome to contact us for more information about Plastic Baby Chair, Stool, and Table Injection Mold Solutions



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