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GEENO is a company specializing in mold manufacturing, committed to providing customers with high quality, efficient mold solutions.

GEENO MOULD provide High-quality Bucket Mould for you with a new design structure. 

20 L/ 18L/15L/12L/10L/8L/5L/3L/1L Bucket moulds ..

We provide you with not only a mold, but also a one-stop complete design and solution.

The team will carry out one-to-one design and optimization according to your product,

fully considering the optimization and solution of the circulating water,

and shorten the molding cycle as much as possible.


Name Description

Plastic Bucket Mould

Mould Steel For Core & Cav

   H13 |S136 | 1.2344 |1.2738 and so on

Mould Base Steel

GEENO Standard | LKM | HASCO | DME or your requirement

Product Material Resin

>PP , PE <

Runner System

Hot Runner  

Gate Type

 Point gate, valve gate 

Machine Model Suggestion

120T model - 600T

Mould Delivery Time

45-55 working days      

We have more than 15 years of experience and professional team, with advanced manufacturing equipment and serve all countries around the world,

to provide you with quality experience and customized mold service.

Our mold can be applied to all kinds of bucket products, such as oil bucket, chemical bucket, food bucket, etc.

If you are a manufacturer in these industries, we will be your ideal partner.

Why did you choose our bucket mold?

Our advantages:

1, high quality assurance:

we use the most state-of-the-art technology and materials to ensure the durability and stability of the mold, to make your barrel products more robust and reliable.

2、Precise customization:

according to the needs and requirements of customers, we customize the mold for you, to ensure that every detail can be perfectly presented, so that your products are unique.

3. Efficient production:

Our mold design and manufacturing process have been carefully optimized to improve production efficiency, shorten delivery time,

and help you to the market faster and seize the competitive advantage.

4. Quality commitment:

we have the experience and technology of a professional team, as well as the application of advanced equipment. High quality molds will add confidence and competitiveness to your products.

If you plan to enter the bucket products market, we will provide comprehensive support and customized mold solutions to help you stand out in the market competition.


We will provide you with high-quality products and competitive prices, and jointly explore the market, to achieve a win-win situation.

   Choose bucket mold, choose the key to success! Contact us, let GEENO provide the perfect mold solution for your bucket mould ,

   and create a better future together!

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