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Professional at various kinds of plastic injection molding solution with strong team technical support.


One-stop Plant Set-up Support

1. Geeno team is experienced in different injection production line's set-up and suggestion. 2. We offer tailored solution for plastic injection molding from injection mould to suitable injection machine and auxiliary equipments matching and selection . 3. Share the keypoints for plastic injection plant, work out a flexible investment solution for you accordingly. 4. GEENO Team will offer reasonable production layout and program, providing water and electricity drawings for new plastic injection factory.

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Pre-sales Technical Support

1. Provide technical consultation as well as the advices on the plan of factory establishment. 2. Make the most appropriate plan according to your demand and scale . 3. On-demand formulate appropriate number of mould cavity, recommend appropriate selection of steel material and runner system.

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On-sales Service and Support

1. GEENO Team will update the project progress with report regularly, once every 15 days, so that you can get a clear understanding of the mould and injection machine production progress. 2. Technical product and mould drawings will be completed and provided within the stipulated time. 3. Mould,Machine Inspection and sample qualification report will be provided before shipment.

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After - sales Service and Support

1. Mentoring and training : Train the users to setup his injection molding machine and molds smoothly with safe injection production. 2. On-line and on-site technical operation and installation . 3. Timely 24H on line reply for injection molding solution support. Response time within 2 hours . 4. All quality problems during the warranty period will be solved free of charge by us at the first time. 5. All wear parts we have ready stock, do it the first time for customer service .

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We’d like to cooperate with you to expand our business in your markets and make our greatest efforts to offer you the quality made products at good price.Pls see the following FAQs.

Q: If we need to make new mould , how to make the cooperation ?

1. Thanks for your interest, pls share your product details or send plastic samples to us for the official solution making. 2. After commercial discussion about the full project, we will contract with you and start the production.

Q: I want to set-up a new factory , can you help us ?

Yes, our team is experienced in different kinds of plastic injection molding lines' creation and design, manufacturing.

Q: How to get the support for my new idea of new plastic factory from you ?

If possible, you can send us your target plastic item, and show us your idea of production capacity. Our Team will help to create plastic injection plant, and make the market analysis. Provide service and installation also maker training.

Q: Do you suggest which steel to my new mold ?

GEENO Team will make the suitable suggestion about the mould steel for you . The most expensive is not necessarily appropriate, the most suitable is the best.

Q: Can you customize the machine color for me ?

We will have two or three kinds of conventional standard color Settings for your choice, of course we also supports batch machine appearance color customization.

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