Thin-wall Container Mould-GEENO

2-8 cavities Thin-wall Container Mould

GEENO Mould has made lots of Thinwall container moulds all over the world .

As an affluent manufacturer of Thin Wall Food Grade Container Moulds .  We have made various kinds of thin-wall container moulds since 2000 year .

The weight and wall thickness of the product will be one of the important factors for us to consider. For ultra-thin boxes, the weight difference per 1g is very important to the customer.
Product weight is not the only factor to consider, the cycle cycle is also critical to the customer's capacity.


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Mould description Thin-wall Container Injection Mould
Mould Cavity 2-8
Mould Steel S136
Mould Runner valve gate
Product Thickness 0.4mm
Plastic material >PP<


Welcome to GEENO Mould&Plastic Group ,which has more than 20 years experience for R&D,

making mould and offering Turnkey Solution for customers all over the world. 

A turnkey injection moulding solution supplier in the hometown of Mold manufacturing in China - Taizhou Huangyan district .

professional at mold design and research, mold manufacturing, and injection molding machine matching selection.


GEENO Mould Team , as an affluent manufacturer of Thin Wall  Container Moulds

We will fully consider the needs of customers, for the production cycle, output and mold life and so on.

The weight and wall thickness of the product will be one of the important factors for us to consider  .

 GEENO 4 Cavities Thinwall container mold

Our selling point:

1. Lightweight and Portable:

Convenient for users to use in different situations, using lightweight materials or designs, making the container lighter while maintaining sufficient strength.

2. Durable and reliable:

possessing durability and reliability. The use of high-quality materials and reasonable structural design make the container durable and long-lasting.

3. Multi functional design:

Multi functional design to meet the diverse needs of users. It can be used for storing food, decorative items, or as a small plant pot for various purposes.

4. Capacity selection:

Provides options for different capacities. Small capacity containers are suitable for single person consumption or small food storage,

while large capacity containers are suitable for household use or large food storage.

5. Safe materials:

Choose food grade safe materials to ensure that container molds do not produce harmful substances to food.

6. Stackable storage:

Provides the function of stackable storage to save space.

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