Plastic Baby Parts Mould Series

* Baby Bathtub Moulds | Baby Chair Mold| Baby Toy Molds

* Plastic Baby Parts Mould and Machine


Plastic Crate Mould Series

* Fruit Crate Box Moulds | Vgetable Crate Molds | Bottle Crate Molds.....

* 1-4 Cavities | Plastic Crate Box Molds and Machine


Plastic Bucket Mould Series

*IML Paint Bucket Moulds | Bucket Molds | Barrel Molds| Pail Bucket Mold.....

* 1-4 Cavities | Plastic Paint Bucket Molds and Machine

Injection Moulded Parts DIY Solution

GEENO Team have a mature and strong production and design team, and we have a variety of professional injection molding machines that can provide customers with mold opening and production of injection molding products.

Who is this service more suitable for?

China is a country with a very complete supply chain, labor costs and raw material costs are far lower than many foreign countries. We are located in Huangyan, the hometown of injection molds in China. The entire production line of injection molding has been very perfect, and it is specialized in designing and manufacturing injection molds and plastic products with long history.

If you have no plans to purchase injection machines for the time being, but there is a large demand for plastic products, Contact us !

If your molds always need to be brought back to the factory and placed in a local injection molding machine factory for production , Contact us !

If labor and energy costs are very expensive in your country, Contact us !

If you do not have a professional or sufficient team of engineers to handle the daily mold debugging and production, Contact us !

Our Advantage

Rich Experiences Factory

Our team with over than 18 years experienced in various kinds of plastic injection mould and injection molding design and manufacturing .

Complete Supply Chain System

Our factory has a complete supply chain system, from mold development to product production and injection molding machine operation and maintenance, we can well control costs and maximize benefits for customers.

Systematic production monitoring

Our team will strictly control the production in the workshop to ensure the production delivery cycle and meet customer needs

Long-term and stable raw material supplier

After years of experience accumulation, we have long-term and stable raw material suppliers, who can provide us with the best and fastest plastic supply at any time.

Professional Injection Team

We have strong technical team to be responsible for the mould and machine debugging and injection . Can quickly solve any problems encountered in the production process.

Free mold care and maintenance

Our team regularly inspects and maintains the molds so that we can always meet the production needs of our customers. To maximize the life of the mold.

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Why Choose Us With Plastic Part Injection Molding ?

If you choose to cooperate with GEENO Team with plastic part customized injection molding project , what will you get from professional Geeno Team ?

Production capacity guarantee

  • You will get timely production products delivery from us . We own at least 10 sets different injection molding machines to ensure the delivery time .

Professional Mould Maintenance

  • Geeno team with strong Technology and engineering team , they will be responsible for the mould maintenance , to Extend the service life of mould.

High Standard Product Experience

  • Geeno with high standard and requires to our team to make the best product production for you and make you the most valuable injcetion molding.

Precision Plastic Products

All of Plastic injection parts can be customized for you ! Just tell us what you need , and what we make ! SUCH AS : High Precision Medical Products / High Precision Home Appliance Connect Parts / Automotive Parts / Foldable Products / Inserted Injection Products

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